You’re reading your favorite book. You know the author, at least by name and perhaps a few personal insights. You expect to be held in suspense, to be entertained, taught, or hide away from the noise of life. So, we read.

Often while reading I’m swept away, behind the scene to the author’s life. What was he/she like as a child? Did he hide under the cover with a flashlight in an attempt to read just one more page before getting caught by parents. Did he dislike reading and was later captivated by an unlikely author who took his breath away and gave him purpose?

Behind the scene with an author. That’s where I hope we can walk, talk and learn from each other. Writing can be imposing, challenging, therapeutic, relaxing, stressful, disappointing, and yet, so rewarding and fulfilling.

I will be transparent while sharing my writing journey. It is my goal to inspire you to write, to complete your book draft, or at least take a step forward in your goal of becoming an author. You can do this . . . I promise.

Until next time, this is your homework. Before closing your eyes in sleep, repeat these words: “I am an author. I am an author. I am an author.”

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