Santa’s 911 Meeting

Book One

Santa’s 911 Meeting

A Christmas Eve crisis strikes Toyland.  Santa’s lead reindeer (including Rudolph) are sick.  Santa calmly calls lead Toyland citizens to a meeting to select a replacement team. This winning tale teaches young readers the value and importance of finding, identifying, accepting and celebrating the differences and unique gifts within each of us.
The challenging charge of developing character, leadership and respect is delicately woven into this Christmas story that promises to continue giving and teaching God given talents.

Genie’s first book was written after a conversation with her second grade grandson, Ellis Byrd. Together they began sharing the “what if”s” if Santa’s team needed substitute reindeer in case of sickness. The magical imagination led to creating, Santa’s 911 Meeting. Ellis was pleased with the book. Since it’s first printing, kids and adults have loved how the North Pole crisis was handled.

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