Paw Mischief

Book Five 2020

Riley and Cole decide to take an adventure while their “parents” are away. Making good decisions is the topic of this delightful story based on a true event with Riley and Cole, two smart Labs. After they escape, the fun, the fear, and the facts are theirs to enjoy, face, and learn. Kids of all ages will enjoy the book in two printed sizes: an 8×10 full color, softbound book, or an 8.5 x 11 glossy magazine in brilliant color for those who like a big book to read aloud to a group. Available on Blurb bookstore. Just go to the order page and click on the size you want. Enjoy!

Michelle Dulcie illustrated this beautiful book. Our readers love the illustrations and the story. Both book sizes come with a glossy cover. In the back of the 8×10 are a discussion guide and a page for kids to make their own art work to correlate with the story.

Reviews on Paw Mischief

Children (of all ages) love animals. That’s why we give them stuffed dogs and other animals! They will especially love Paw Mischief, a tale about two adventurous dogs! Genie skillfully tells this delightful story while getting a beautiful message across without being preachy! Kids will not only love the feisty dogs, but they will also learn a valuable life lesson!” Dorothy E.

“Such a great story! I read it to my kindergartners and was amazed by the discussions we had while reading. The questions and the make your own poster in the back made it so engaging. I would recommend it to any classroom.” Kathleen W
“Thank you, Genie Byrd! Alleigh is loving Paw Mischief and thank you for personalizing for her.” Heather L
Now Ya’ll, there is more to this story—you need to order your copy! It is Genie’s best—reasonably priced and sooooo worth every penny. So, give out a shout and your copy can be in the mail right away—your youngins will love it and you will too . . . see more! James B
Can’t wait for Christmas to give my grands their new book! Jan G
We love ours! Glenda B
My amazing mama wrote her fifth children’s book! This one has a special place in my heart. It’s a fun read for kids of all ages. The story line is engaging and entertaining. I also loved the beautiful illustrations. If you need a gift for a loved one, check out her other books. She would love to personalize a book for you. You’re my hero, Genie Byrd. Thanks for using your creativity to make this world a brighter place. Kelley M
Love this! Her books are great! Jen L
I love your animation, your gift of writing, storytelling, and you! Lena B
Love the story!! Beautifully written & illustrated. Great lessons as well! Sharon B
Just letting you know my grandchildren and I were reading your wonderful book by way of FaceTime—such a good night! Sandy H.

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